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The Mobile
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You've got scrap metal left and don't know where to put it?
We recycle, you earn.
Everybody wins!

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Our Promise.
Rethinking Recycling.

We are the experts in scrap metal recycling and have developed a service that is unique. A mobile technology powered scrap yard on 4 wheels.

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Competent Guidance.
Perfect Handling.

Our trained teams have both the necessary know-how and the equipment. So that the best possible solution is found for you on site.

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Technology First.
Creating Trust.

Metal detection, quality valuation and weighing are technologies that we use to create trust. On site. Together with you.

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Friendly. Helpful.

We have 100% digitized the scrap metal collection. If you still don't know what to do, just give us a call. We will be there for you.

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A New Fleet of

Through our self-learning route optimizations we are with you faster and save resources. Good for the environment. Good for you.

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Gives us joy.

Day after day we are happy about even the smallest amount of scrap metal. We buy this from you. Guaranteed. And that makes us happy, because we have recycling in our DNA.

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One Team.
One Goal.

We dream of a world where scrap metal recycling is easily done by everyone. This would finally make it possible to recycle every available scrap metal to protect and conserve our environment.

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